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Waxing Specialist in Edinburgh

Ok, we know what you might be thinking, what weirdo loves to wax and inflict pain on people, who would do that. WE DO!!

Waxing is Ace, and it shouldn’t be sore, not with us anyway. We take into consideration clients apprehensions about waxing as there are mega horror stories….we’ve heard it all!!

Do not fret, you will be laughing at the end, becoming best of buddies with your waxer and wishing you were hairy once more to go through it all again! We are very choosy about what brands we affliate oursleves with and for Hot Wax we use Lycon.

Still undecided?

It is suitable for the ultra sensitive of skins, much kinder to the skin, great for coarse hair and super comfortable. Australian body care is used for strip wax and cotton strips give a comfortable and luxury feel. Gosh and we haven’t mentioned our experience and expertise yet, guess your going to have to see for yourself….oh and check out our reviews!

Let's look at what we wax

At Bamboo Boutique, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional beauty solutions that are tailored specifically to you. We want to share with you the incredible advantages of waxing as a hair removal method. Trust us, it’s a total game-changer!

Long-lasting Fabulousness: Bid farewell to the constant hassle of shaving or using depilatory creams. Waxing removes those pesky hairs right from the root, leaving you with weeks of beautifully smooth skin. And the best part? With regular waxing, you’ll notice that your hair grows back finer and sparser. Hello, flawless!

The Secret to Silky Smooth Skin: Waxing isn’t just about hair removal, It’s a complete skin indulgence! By waxing, you’re also exfoliating your skin, giving it a luxuriously soft and supple feel. Get ready to embrace that radiant complexion and say hello to a more youthful version of yourself. Who doesn’t want to glow up?

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Over time, waxing weakens those stubborn hair follicles, resulting in slower and thinner regrowth. With consistent waxing, you might even notice a reduction in hair density. Who would have thought hair removal could be this effortless? It’s time to reclaim your precious time, my dear!